Preventing termites is a lot easier and a lot less expensive than eliminating them and repairing termite damage. Your home is a valuable investment, so protecting against termites is important. Preventative treatments are usually not too expensive, but the cost depends on several factors. Here are some things that might affect the cost of a preventative home termite quote.

Whether You Sign A Yearly Contract

If you sign a contract with a termite control company, you may spread payments out over the year. This means your initial cost is low to have the inspection and preventative treatments applied. Some contracts include another inspection at the end of the year and treatments if termites are found. A contract ensures you have ongoing protection for your home.

However, you can also pay for a single prevention treatment if you prefer. The cost might be comparable to the total yearly cost of a contract, but you'll have to pay the entire amount upfront rather than monthly.

If You Pay For The Inspection

The pest control company will probably require an inspection before they start treatments to make sure your home doesn't have an active infestation. The inspection might be free if you decide to have the preventative treatments applied, but it's also possible you'll have to pay for the inspection, and that would affect the price of your quote for termite treatments.

The Size Of Your Home

A preventative home termite quote may be adjusted for the size of your home. That's because a larger home requires more time to treat as well as requires more chemicals. Preventative treatments may be applied inside and outside of your house. The termite control professional might use liquid or bait. The exact preventative measure is based on the type of termites that are a potential threat to your home.

It's common to use bait or bait monitoring stations for prevention. These are placed under the ground at regular intervals around the perimeter of your home. These bait stations can be monitored during a termite inspection to tell if termite activity is present on your property. The larger your home, the more stations that are needed, and that affects the price of your preventative termite treatment quote.

The Type Of Treatment Needed

If the inspection finds your home is free from termites, the only treatment that might be needed is to put in bait and monitoring stations. If the pest control company finds termites in your home, they'll want to eliminate them. This can often be done using bait stations, but if the infestation is severe, you may need to pay more for liquid, heat or tenting treatments to eliminate the pests before preventative measures can begin.

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