Bed bugs are a pest that loves to travel from place to place. They will go anywhere where there is a host to feast off of. These pests will feed off of your blood, and they don't care if they find you on vacation, at home, or elsewhere. These pests can multiply quickly, as they are very good travelers, which is also what makes it so difficult to get rid of these pests. You may pick them up when you're out at a friend's home, or you may pick some up from the new furniture you purchased, you may even find that you have this problem from a recent vacation. If you are traveling, there are things you should know to help protect yourself against these pests. Read on for helpful information to help protect yourself if you are traveling.

Do A Clean Sweep

Do a thorough scan or sweep of your hotel to see if there are any of these pests in the hotel room. If you find there are bed bugs, you need to let the hotel manager know right away and find a different hotel to stay in. A different room may help, although, with how these bugs travel, the best thing is to find a different hotel if possible. Look through the dresser drawers, inspect the mattress, and look at the light switches and lamps for signs of these pests. You may see living pests, or you may spot blood smears. You may also see skin sheds from these pests. These pests are very tiny, about the size of an apple seed, so you need to look hard for them. If you see signs, alert the hotel manager.

Keep Your Luggage Off Of The Floor

Do not place your luggage on the floor of the hotel room, instead, keep the luggage on a luggage rack, and hang up clothing. Do not use the dressers, instead, keep your clothing inside the luggage. If you prefer to use the dressers, be sure there are not any bed bugs inside of the dresser before you use it for your clothing. Your luggage should be kept in a plastic trash bag to prevent bed bugs from getting inside of it and to prevent these pests from coming home with you.

Wash Everything Upon Returning

Upon your return back home, you need to wash everything that you brought with you. Shoes and luggage should not be brought into your home until it has stayed the night in a plastic trash bag that you seal tightly to kill any bed bugs that may be on these items. Wash everything that you can in the hottest water setting and then dry it in a hot setting as well.

Bed bugs travel easily and can infest your home within just a few days of their arrival. If you have found that you have bed bugs in your home, call a professional bed bug control service to help exterminate these pests for good.